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Live performance is what most musicians as well as the die-hard music fans, which very much includes myself, are most passionate about so what better way to showcase that passion than to have me capture those magical live moments?

I am happy to work with bands/artists or their management teams directly, as well as music venues, promoters/publicity agents, magazines and online publications - so please do get in contact and hopefully, we can arrange to work together.



Image can be everything to your band/brand. Eye-catching professional promotional pictures are important for any artist serious about their music, with it often holding the key to your success. First impressions do count so cutting edge promos can make all the difference with booking agents, venues, and can potentially increase your opportunities for gaining media coverage.

Whether you are the band/artist, management or publicity agent please feel free to get in contact with me to work out how we can work together.


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Behind the Scenes


In the studio, backstage on the night of your big gig, the after show party, or on the road - all perfect oportunitues for me to capature that 'glimpse behind the curtain', whether it be for your social media accounts, as part of your promo portfolio, or just to add to your own personal collection of memories.

Drop me a message so we can discuss your exact needs and we can work together to make it happen.